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    Editors, We Are Already Marketers

    Are You Flexible Enough to Survive the Downturn?

    A Change is Gonna Come

    To Settle or Not to Settle? (Or Are You Even Allowed?)

    An Advisor Challenge: Change the Way You Talk About Your Products

    No Need to Fret – 2009 Offers Plenty of Opportunity

    Did the GAO Get it Right?


    Health Agents Confront Issues of Affordability, Uncertainty

    Economy, Industry Forces Influence Life Settlement Market

    Addressing Your Clients’ Concerns in the Wake of the AIG Bailout

    Is It Tougher to be an Insurance Agent Today?

    How to Conduct Proper Field Underwriting for Faster Issuance, Happier Clients

    Retirement Income Planning: What to Consider and How to Do It

    A $41 Trillion Market – Why Legacy Planning Matters, and What It Takes


    SEC Votes 4-1 to Approve Rule 151A


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